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What is SmallSQL?

  • SmallSQL is a 100% pure Java database (RDBMS) for Java desktop application. Currently it is not certificated as pure Java. But you can execute the pure Java test.
  • We want create SmallSQL with a very small footprint of 200 - 300 KB for the runtime jar file. We think that the database runtime should not be the largest part of a desktop  application.
  • SmallSQL should be most compatible to other popular databases like MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. We want that you can migrate very easy to our product. The ideal case is that you need only to change the JDBC URL in your application.
  • SmallSQL has no network interface and you can't share the database. This make the SmallSQL runtime very small and fast. A Java desktop application need no network interface.
  • SmallSQL required JDK 1.4.x or higher. We want implements the JDBC 3.0 API in a future version that's we need JDK 1.4. Currently we see no cause why we should support an older version of the JDK for a completely new product. If you can say a good cause then we can anew think about it.


What is the difference to other 100% pure Java databases?

  • It is a commercial product with all it advantages. It has not the limits of Open Source products.
  • In the first version SmallSQL is a JDBC 2.0 database with the most JDBC 2.0 feature like updatable and scrollable ResultSets. Future versions will implements the JDBC 3.0 API.
  • SmallSQL has a smaller footprint as all other 100% pure Java databases because it has no network interface.
  • SmallSQL is a relational database (RDMS) and not an object database.
  • It has very good price. A good product does not need a large price.


Why I need a 100% pure Java database?

The advantages of a 100% pure Java database are:

  • The 100% pure Java DBMS is running on all platforms on which your Java application is running.
  • You can install the database very simple with your application.
  • A good pure Java database is faster as a ODBC database with the JDBC -ODBC-Bridge. The pure Java database can access the data directly.


What are the requirements at runtime?

  • JDK 1.4.x or higher.
  • 200 - 300 KB for the runtime classes.
  • Write able file access to directory with database
  • Free hard disk space for the database data.


Which JDBC version is implemented?

The version 1.0 of SmallSQL will implements JDBC level 3.0. Then we will implements JDBC level 4.0. JDBC 4.0 is announce for JDK 1.6. The final spec should be available at end of 2005. We hope that we have a JDBC 4.0 beta then.


Do you want port your database to .NET?

Yes, we want port the SmallSQL to .NET after version 1.0. The database files will be compatible.

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