Configuration of the JDBC driver


JDBC Driver class name: smallsql.database.SSDriver

JDBC URL: jdbc:smallsql:<database>

<database> is a absolute or relative directory name


In the Java code for a directory "db1" this look like:

Class.forName( "smallsql.database.SSDriver" );
java.sql.Connection con = java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:smallsql:db1" );


JDBC URL properties

A property can be set with a Property Object on the method call DriverManager.getConnection. Or it can add after the base JDBC with a question mark. Multiple properties are delimited with a semicolon.
Property Default value Description
create false If the flag has the value "true" then the database in the JDBC URL will create if it does not exist.
dbpath   This property override the database in the JDBC URL

JDBC URL Samples


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