Install SmallSQL Database


The SmallSQL Database is a Java library. It is not a own program. That there is no setup. To install the SmallSQL Database in an existing Java program you need to add it to the CLASSPATH of the Java program. There is no general solution to do it. You should look in the documentation of your program. For some GUI tools we have descript it in the Getting Started.

There are 3 typical solutions to do it.

CLASSPATH environment variable

You can add the path of the file smallsql.jar to the system or user environment variable CLASSPATH. For example:



Copy to a library directory

Many programs have a library directory. This is most named lib. If your program has such lib directory then you can copy the smallsql.jar file in this directory. After this you need to restart your program.


Add to Configuration

Other programs have a configuration file to add libraries or a GUI to do it. Look in the documentation of your program how you can do it.

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